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Real Brides || Erin + Dave The Engagement Shoot | British wedding blog - Bride and TonicWe thought it was about time that we caught up with Bride and Tonic Real Bride Erin to see how she is getting on with her wedding planning (it seems she has been busy!). Erin also needs your advice on a couple of things; how did you keep the memories alive throughout wedding planning and are a videographer and wedding coordinator worth the money? Make sure you comment below to help her out! 

The stunning photography throughout this post are by Brandon Taylor Photography taken from Erin and Dave’s recent engagement shoot.

First of all, we have set a date: September 29, 2018. I had always dreamt of a spring wedding, but logistically September worked better for us— honestly I couldn’t be happier with the decision. I am now so in love with the idea of our cozy fall wedding.

I’m a huge planner and a total Pinterest addict and I’ve been essentially planning my dream wedding since I was eight so making decisions thus far has been pretty easy for me—almost too easy, really. I’ve been knocking things off my to-do list left, right and center. I’ve been more than happy with all of the decisions I’ve made so far but I feel like the whole experience is going by so fast. I found my dream dress on my first shopping attempt, for example and while I love it, I wanted that experience to last a little longer. Do any former brides have tips for how to make the memories last? I feel like I should be making a scrapbook or something!?


Anyways, through all of these beautiful experiences, what I have loved the most has been choosing my vendors. I made a commitment to myself that throughout my wedding planning process I would do my very best to support friends, independents and local small businesses wherever possible. Not only has that saved me money, but it’s allowed me to connect (and re-connect) with some incredibly talented, creative people. So far, my favourites have been our photographer and our officiant.

Meeting with our officiant has been the most magical experience so far. Not only is she totally inclusive and open minded (which is important to me) and SO organized (which spoke to me on a spiritual level), she had the most welcoming soothing voice. I can’t describe it, but when she started running through the kinds of ways she could introduce us and structure the vows, I found myself getting incredibly emotional. Hearing her say the words just brought me through time and space to our wedding day and our ceremony. I immediately had all of the confidence in the world that she would be the right person to marry us.

Our wedding photographer is Brandon from Brandon Taylor Photography. My god, is he talented. I was intrigued after seeing his portfolio, but after hearing his story I was sold. Brandon was trained as a graphic designer, but bought a camera to help a couple of friends to take some family and engagement photos a few years back. From that point, he self-taught and has become an incredibly sought-after photographer in our area. He’s seriously blowing up! I feel so lucky that we locked him down right away. Dave and I had never had our photos taken professionally so we were a bit uncomfortable to start during our engagement shoot. Brandon was so fun and cool to work with and I was completely blown away with our photos. They are natural, laidback and totally our style. Honestly, I want to have four more sets taken because I just love them so much.

There are however, two things I’m not sure about and would love advice on—videographers and day-of coordinators: Are photos enough? Is the investment in an extra hand on the big day worth it? These are two things I’m stuck on.

Either way, it’s crazy to think that by this time next year I will be a wife. 2018 will be such a big year – it’s the one I’ve been looking forward to my whole life, so I’m so excited for all that it brings.

Wow Erin you have been so busy and super organised! We love the photographer you have chosen and are sooo excited to see the photos of the big day in September. Our advice is to get a videographer – it’s a lovely memento of the day and one you will look back on for years to come (or another tip – get your guests to video clips of the day and then compile your own video! Have a look here for some ideas and examples). 

If you have been reading this and have recently had your pre wedding shoot and want to share your photos – get in touch! 

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