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This week we get to meet real bride Kristen and her fiancé Ricardo. This South Africa duo have recently started a new adventure in Spain and are getting married in Mauritius next year. Here in Kristen’s own words is their love story to date…Ricardo and I met ‘oh so romantically’ in a night club in Durban, South Africa… That said, we hit it off right away. He was amazing; attentive, caring, affectionate, hardworking, funny, and gorgeous.

To cut a long story short we dated for about 4 months. He was TOO amazing so I ended it because I had no idea what I wanted or if I even wanted anything at all. I then realised I missed him too much… and yes we got back together after a short 2 months.

Round 2 has been indescribably amazing. We have opposite personalities yet the same ideas on life, love and who we are as individuals. Ricardo being a Chiropractor is very systematic in everything he does, he knows what he wants and he does not stop until he gets it. I am a little less serious and a little more “let’s just wing it”. But that is what makes us! We are both in the health and fitness industry so our lifestyle together revolves around delicious and nutritious food – we love food, gym based training and any physical activity outdoors, travelling and making time for our family and friends.

In June 2016 we were held up at one of Ricardo’s practices in Durban. This left us in the predicament of do we stay in South Africa and raise a family, when these incidents occur on a daily basis or do we look at going abroad now while we are still fairly young? After thinking long and hard and having to make some big decisions we decided to head to Spain where Ricardo was offered a Chiropractic position and got it – we packed up our lives into two suitcases and moved to Spain!

The work situation did not go as planned and we were in a position after a month of do we just go back to SA or stick it out and make this Euro Adventure work? My goodness it was tough, and I could not legally work yet so the pressure was solely on Ricardo. We finished our savings, Ricardo was employed by a crazy man who didn’t did not pay him for 2 months so I think it’s clear to say we hit rock bottom- well it sure felt like it.

During this turmoil, there was once or twice where Ricardo would say he was going somewhere like ‘to look for commercial property to open up his own practice’ which sounded legit to me, but didn’t really add up. Anyway, the day that crazy guy told Ricardo he wasn’t going to pay him his salary and he left, Ricardo came home late and woke me up to put my light on and there he was with this sparkly thing blinding me!

I could not believe my eyes, he just took my hand and said that he has been relying on other sources for his happiness and he kept getting let down, and he wasn’t going to do it anymore. He needs to take control and do what makes him happy and at the top of his list was me.

If I am being completely honest with you, since that day, everything has gone right. It was like the first step of the rest of our lives. Ricardo now runs his own successful health and wellness centre CostaSpine and I am working and living my passion through KG Fitness. We have two beautiful kitties, have visited family back home and have travelled a bit of Europe – with a sneaky little visit to Rome coming up soon. It is finally starting to feel like home here in Marbella. And now we have a wedding to plan! Date is set and location deposit is paid. Mauritius 27 September 2018 here we come! #marryingmarques

Thanks Kristen and Ricardo for sharing the first part of your wedding journey – you seem perfect for one another! We can’t wait to hear more about why you chose Mauritius as your wedding location and hearing all about your wedding prep stories. For more real bride stories click here and for real wedding inspiration check out these posts!

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