Real Brides || Holly + Daniel The Engagement – A Continental Affair

Real Brides || Holly + Daniel The Engagement - A Continental Affair

Today’s real bride is an extra special one for ourselves as we have known this fabulous gal for over 13 years since we were wee little University babies! Introducing the wonderful Holly and her beau Daniel. Holly and Daniel are getting married next summer in Berlin – er hello super cool wedding!! Holly is here to share her words of wisdom and her adventures as an expat planning a wedding within less than a year, but first let’s hear that proposal story! 

I hope every bride-to-be has had the joy of experiencing it: the enduring buzz of the proposal coupled with the mad whirlwind of congratulations pouring in. Suddenly it’s normal to be popping champagne corks on a regular basis and feel giddy with the opening of the next chapter of love. I’m excited to share the coming months with Bride and Tonic!

D.K. and I met nearly three years ago and it was clear from our first wine-and-snog-filled Sunday night date that there was something special between us. Within a year we had talked about weddings, children and our future together. D.K. and I went on fantastic trips together, he moved in, we became best friends and almost inseparable. Finally I had found love!

Real Brides || Holly + Daniel The Engagement - A Continental Affair

D.K. proposed to me on a gorgeous late summer afternoon. He surprised me by renting a little motorboat and we spent the day cruising across the big blue lakes south of Berlin, soaking up the sun and enjoying being out on the water. We stopped for a picnic and a dip in the water, opened some wine and were simply enjoying the shimmering water and the other boats gliding by. I was mesmerised by the scenery and the ducks, enjoying my vino when D.K. called me over to him. Suddenly he was down on one knee and looking up at me with a gorgeous ring – it was all so perfect. Ja, ja, JA! The captain of my heart. So beautiful, fun and a day I’ll never forget.

Real Brides || Holly + Daniel The Engagement - A Continental Affair

Though I’m sure many brides take a relaxed approach to wedding planning, D.K. and I dived straight in. With the proposal in late summer, we had to make some big decisions, quickly, if we wanted to marry and party next year. As a project manager and self-confessed control freak, it was important to me not too have too long for planning, lest I become a true bridezilla. We were both keen to enjoy the process but not let ourselves too much time to become obsessed with details… and enjoy lots of fizz and fun in the meantime!

I’m looking forward to sharing some wedding-planning stories from a Berlin point of view and hope to lend some advice to bridal expats abroad, too. Cheers!

Next time: Location, location, location!

Real Brides || Holly + Daniel The Engagement - A Continental Affair

Ahhh thanks so much you lovely love birds!! We are so excited to find out what is coming next and this is going to be so helpful for any expat brides out there planning their own home away from home wedding! For more real bride stories click here and for real wedding inspiration check out these posts!

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