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We are excited to announce a new feature on Bride and Tonic – REAL BRIDES – oh yes! We have teamed up with some likeminded brides to be to take us through their wedding planning journey. From the engagement, to the big day and of course the important honeymoon plus all the bits in between! Our REAL BRIDES will be sharing with you the highs and lows of their wedding planning and we promise that there will be some emotional outpourings and some heart felt moments along the way so make sure you keep coming back to check in on how they are doing.

Our first real bride is Erin all the way from Canada who is marrying her best friend Dave. Keep reading to hear all about Dave’s romantic proposal and why the number 1111 is so important to Erin…

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be a Bride and Tonic Real Bride, and I am so looking forward to sharing my journey with you all—starting with the proposal. The day my fiancé Dave proposed to me was the happiest day of my life (so far)!

Before I get into the story of the proposal I must first explain that 1111 is a very special number to me. Not only is November 11th the shared birthdays of four of the most important people in my life, but it’s the address of my childhood home. It’s also said to be an “angel number” and after my grandfather passed a few years ago, I seemed to start catching 11:11 on the clock twice a day. It’s now a number that I associate with him and many of the most meaningful people and moments in my life. I even have it tattooed on me!

So anyways… The proposal.

Honestly, the proposal was perfect. Dave nailed it, it was simple and so us.

We had just spent a week in a cottage with my family and I had a sneaking suspicion he might ask me then—but he didn’t. So honestly, him proposing was far from my radar the following weekend.

We got up in the morning on a Saturday and went out for breakfast at our favorite patio in our neighbourhood. In hindsight, I should have known something was up because Dave hardly ate a thing which is NOT like him.


It was a beautiful day, so we went home and got our dog Houston to take him for a walk.

Dave and I live in a condo in a busy area of downtown Toronto, Canada. One of our favourite places is the property of a corporate office near our place. During the week it’s very busy, but on the weekends, it is totally deserted and has become our go-to spot. We’re able to let Houston run around and property is gorgeous, filled with gardens and pathways. It’s totally serene and makes you forget you’re at the center of a city with a population of almost three-million people.

We had been out there playing with the dog for about 20 minutes when Dave walked off behind me. I was sitting in the grass with Houston when Dave called out to me and me what time it was.

I looked down at my phone and smiled, noticing that it was 11:11am.


I heard him coming up behind me and turned towards him. That’s when I saw what he was holding—a beautiful little wooden box! He got down on one knee and blurted out “Will you marry me!?”

I instantly started crying before I could even say yes. Houston was barking and jumping around, sensing our excitement. It was simple and so us. I’m blown away that Dave was able to get the timing so perfectly, without giving away the surprise.

My tattoo has even more meaning now!

The ring is stunning and everything I ever wanted. A solitaire oval-cut diamond on a thin pave band. Gorgeous.

That evening we went for a big dinner and got to celebrate with family. As many times as I had dreamt about how that day would happen, it was better than I had ever imagined.  Dave is truly the most thoughtful man I’ve ever met in my life and he put so much thought into the proposal. I could not love him more and I’m so excited that he is going to be my husband.

Oh wow, what a beautiful engagement story, we have tears in our eyes you guys! Thank you so much to Erin and Dave for sharing your story with the Bride and Tonic community. We can’t wait to read the next instalment and see how you are getting on with all your preparation!


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