Being An Ethical Bride: Plastic Free July – DIY Wedding Style!

Being An Ethical Bride: Plastic Free July - DIY Wedding Style! | British wedding blog - Bride and TonicThis month is all about Plastic Free July and ditching single use plastics – from the plastic bag that is used for an average 5 minutes, to the plastic straw, coffee cup and water bottle. We are totally on board this July and are already reaching for our stainless steel water bottles and canvas bags!

The big problem with plastic is that is is designed to last forever. Yes thats right forever, and when you consider how much single use plastic we use, it poses the question…where does it all end up?? Every single bit of plastic every produced still exists, and even though it breaks up it does not break down. It may get recycled but most plastic ends up in landfill or makes it way downstream to the oceans. Scientists actually predict that by 2050 there will be more tonnes of plastic in the ocean than tonnes of fish.

So thinking weddings, and particularly DIY weddings, how can you make your own a plastic free affair? We’ve got some ideas below and plenty more here on our Ethical Bride decorations post. Read on plastic free warriors!

one. flowers – get down to that flower market or your local florist and buy your wedding flowers in bulk without the plastic cellophane wrapping that shop bought ones come in and get thrown away minutes later. Better yet grow your own. See our full Ethical Bride Floral post here.

two. ditch plastic straws – there really is no need for straws at any wedding so go straw free! If you really can’t manage without some then invest in some bamboo, metal or paper alternatives.

three. no plastic water bottles – for the bridal party getting ready, or for the hangover bags left in guest rooms – ban the bottle! Put jugs on tables to fill up with tap water and use glasses as they were meant to be used!

four. no disposable cameras – do people still use these?! Everyone has an camera phone these days and you probably have a photographer – let them work the room and get the best quality photos!

five. plastic free wedding dress – we have talked about this a lot here. When shopping for your bridal gown, think plastic free fibres – say no to nylon and polyester and yes to natural fibres!  

six. no plastic serving items – we are looking at you disposable plastic plates, cutlery and cups. Why do you even need these? Their single use life is so, so damaging to the environment and they aren’t even lookers. Hire real plates and cutlery – it’s really not that expensive and glassware can be free from many UK supermarkets!

seven. steel kegs – serving your own drinks? When buying your beers in, think about using a local supplier who can set you up with a reusable steel keg. Not only do they look the part of a DIY wedding, but your guests will have so much fun playing barman 😉

eight. bye bye balloons – please, please we beg of you don’t release balloons into the air! When they finally deflate (after using up all that non-renewable helium) they end up as ugly scars strewn across the landscape. Animals may mistake them for food and ingest them which can cause an often slow death due to blocking the digestive and/or respiratory tract.

So how about it eco wedding warriors, will you be joining in Plastic Free July wedding style?! Read more of our Ethical Bride blog posts here and click the turtle below to find out more about Plastic Free July. And don’t forget to leave us any comments on your own plastic free wedding ideas!

Main Lego image via Rock n Roll Bride

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