Being an Ethical Bride: Arriving in Style

Being an Ethical Bride: Arriving in Style | British wedding blog - Bride and Tonic

Ahh, the wedding transport. Yet another thing to plan for, and if you are trying to plan an eco wedding, another thing to scratch your head about! Where to start? Do you go completely eco and go motor free, or are there any petrol heads out there who need some hot wheels?! Don’t sweat it, we have plenty of ideas to make your ethical wedding transport tres eco chic.

Please note – we don’t expect people to follow every single one of these guidelines, and understand we can’t make every single thing in our lives ethical (unless we live in a hole in the woods, probably naked and eating leaves?) but maybe, just maybe by supporting one of these ideas, we could help the world a little bit at a time. Here’s how:

one. offset your carbon footprint – if using a wedding car service or taxi company, choose a company that uses carbon offsetting such as Central Taxis, to give you eco peace of mind.

two. zero pollution travel – there are so many quirky, unusual options to arrive in style to your wedding, and these will be the ones your guests remember! Turn up in a rickshaw; a classic horse and cart (or just horse?!); scoot or skate along; pedal tower on a tandem or simply stroll to the venue hand in hand. ♡

three. hybrids – choose a fleet of hybrids to chauffeur your guests around or use one for your own wedding car – just add ribbons! (bonus points for eco friendly ribbons 😉 )

four. air miles – keep your air miles down by choosing to have your wedding close to home rather than abroad or a long way from home. By choosing a local venue you can can also easily keep track of the planning and hire local businesses and vendors.

five. bus them in – using a bus to transport your guests to the venue is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Better still try and use an ethical company such as The Big Lemon.

six. biofuel – of course you can still opt for the traditional wedding car, but try and find a company that has converted to LPG biofuels such as Chelsea Classic Carriage.

seven. all inclusive venue – by choosing a venue where the ceremony, wedding breakfast, party and accommodation are all in the same place you will automatically eliminate the need for transport between venues!

So how about it, have we convinced you to arrive to your wedding in a rickshaw?! Let us know if you do use any alternative, ethical transport! Find more ethical bride posts here.

Feature image by Scott Webb

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