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Our Top Ten Hair Braids

The Kardashians have well and truly bought the trusty plait back in fashion, and it really is a wedding staple these days! Whatever your face shape, hair length and style – there is a plait to suit you.  We have picked 10 of the best looks – we hope you like them!

Our Top Ten Hair Braids | British wedding blog - Bride and Tonic

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We Love: Bespoke Wedding Stamps from The English Stamp Company

The English Stamp Company - British wedding blog - Bride and Tonic

I’m so excited about todays supplier post – I only wish I had known about this company when we were planning our wedding! The English Stamp Company specialises in making high quality rubber stamps which can be personalised to reflect your own style and wedding theme. You can add your own drawings, logos, pictures – the possibilities are endless and such DIY heaven! The website has so much info as well for helping you to create your own perfect, bespoke stamp. We spoke to Yve from the English Stamp Company to find out more…

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Being An Ethical Bride: Finding THE Dress

Being An Ethical Bride: Finding THE Dress - British wedding blog - Bride and Tonic

We all know about fast fashion, and to be honest we all know that is not great for the world – even if we don’t know the facts and figures, ins and outs, a £2 top can’t be right, surely? Granted wedding dress shopping isn’t about fast fashion – these dresses have had hours and hours of work and skill poured into them and there ain’t nothing fast about that. But if like me, you are thinking about how to adapt your daily wardrobe into being more ethical, consider trying to purchase your wedding dress with the same ethos in mind. …

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Our Top Ten Wedding Favours

Wedding favours. Yay or nay? Whatever your opinion they are still to be found at many a wedding, and there are so many interesting ideas out there now – stand back from the sugared almonds! We have been searching far and wide and come up with our top ten unique, quirky, bound to get used (and not left under the table…) wedding favours. Plus most of them are totally DIYable!

Our Top Ten Wedding Favours | British wedding blog - Bride and Tonic

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Being an Ethical Bride: The War Against Stuff

Being an Ethical Bride: The War Against Stuff | British wedding blog - Bride and TonicThe world is feeling so full these days – full of stuff. Stuff that we MUST have, stuff that we need, stuff we can’t possibly live without. I’m on a bit of a crusade at the moment against stuff. Now I know this is not for everyone, and believe me I actually love stuff so this has been pretty hard for me too! It all started when I came back from travelling and I realised I just didn’t need stuff. I had lived out of a backpack for half a year, worn no makeup, hardly brushed my hair and rarely watched TV or looked at my phone (it didn’t actually work abroad and then got stolen, but still..) Anyway, I came back a changed woman, or so I thought. I slowly descended back into the need for stuff, and it’s recently been bugging me.

I’ve always been pretty good at buying ethically in the some areas – not purchasing any products tested on animals or using ingredients derived from animals; using eco products to clean our house and I always take my ‘save a turtle‘ (reusable) bag with me shopping. But recently I’ve found myself wanting to do more. Fast fashion has always got my goat but I never knew how to counter act it without looking like mother earth. Lately I’ve been really researching into ethical fashion and it’s got me thinking more and more about ethical weddings. This is something we really want to embrace here at Bride and Tonic, as we really care about living simply, shopping local and independently. So why not ethically as well?

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Bride Diaries: Elle’s Wedding – The Venue Hunt


12 months, 8 days, 59 minutes until the wedding…

Mr T and I live in London but decided to get married in Devon where our parents live and a place we love to visit. This meant one weekend of intense venue hunting! We concentrated our search around Exeter – easy for guests to get to from London and a 20 minute drive from our family homes. We were looking at a venue that could accommodate both the ceremony, reception and have a few onsite rooms.

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