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Have a go at making a homemade wedding video | British wedding blog - Bride and TonicFor the first in our ‘have a go’ series, in which we feature tried and tested DIY projects for the budding bride, we are featuring wedding videos. Yes thats right actual videos. Now, don’t panic, this is not as scary as it seems!

Check out my video of my friends wedding below (Note – this is not an actual sham wedding – they are just a bit bonkers).

Sometimes weddings can run away with you and often the photographer is the big one you want to spend more money on – you want those photos to look amazing and they are going to last a lifetime. But after the big event, I found myself pining for a snippet of video.

Cue, randomly cobbling together any snippets of video I could find, and even with the basics and lack of footage I was in shock – it looked fab! Ok so this is not your average professional, Oscar worthy wedding video. And I would never want to take that perfection away from the amazing videographers out there. But if you fancy having yourself something more homespun and…cough…free, then why not have a go?!

Since making my own attempt at my wedding video with limited clips, I have filmed a few friends weddings and really caught the amateur video bug! The best way I have found is to experiment, experiment, experiment! I have filmed my cat, made a video of my niece in the park, I even documented a lunch trip into the city to meet Mr S for lunch! If you have any weddings coming up – try filming, it’s so much fun!

Here are my top tips for making a (very!) amateur film – based on filming someone else’s wedding:

  1. I love a short film – this way more people will watch it as it won’t bore them senseless(!) Stick to a one song rule – this also gives it more flow
  2. As a rule, I try and choose the first dance song. Unless you know the couple’s taste in music super well, it’s a sure fire way to give them some personalisation, and also make them super emosh when they watch it 😉
  3. I also don’t include any audio of the actual day – however, this is just my taste as I find it’s a wee bit less cheesy, and a lot easier to edit!
  4. Take lots of video clips, but with short timeframes. Literally just seconds worth at a time. This makes for a lot less work in the editing suite afterwards
  5. Try not to just film from far away – get up close and film the detail. The bride and groom will love seeing all the small details, especially things they made in the years to come! For example…the bride and groom’s ring, her hair, the flowers, his bow tie, the cake toppers, seating plan, table names, nail art, signs etc. Get right in there and zoom in or out for more depth to your film
  6. Try and get a selection of guests – not just your friends! Make a mental list of the important people e.g. parents of the bride and groom, family, bridesmaids, ushers..
  7. Take clips of all parts of the day, this could be the brides arrival, the ceremony, leaving the venue, the speeches, cutting the cake, the first dance etc etc
  8. Also look for the special moments – maybe a lovely moment captured between the bride and groom when they aren’t aware of anyone else around them. This could be as simple as a hand hold, a touch to the face or a secret smile
  9. I find a rustic, natural wedding really suits a bit of vintage effect. I love using the ‘8mm’ app on my phone, or randomly choosing to put some clips in black and white or sepia
  10. I also shoot predominately on my iPhone – it still gives great results!
  11. I do however take my DSLR with me, and tend to use both as you will ALWAYS run out of battery – have backup!
  12. If using a camera phone – Always.Shoot.In.Landscape. I cannot stress this enough
  13. I also use some of my friends and the other half to help film extra important bits of the wedding – this gives you other angles which can flow really nicely in the final edit
  14. Afterwards I use iMovie to edit, but any simple movie editing programme will do – you don’t need to spend a fortune/anything!

For your own wedding, I realise there is no way you are going to spend all day running around with a camera in hand – this is where people come in. Your people. Your best friends, your uncle, your cousin, your mate from work. Basically anyone who can work a camera phone half decently will do. Give them the list above and away they go! And remember it’s really not about filming the entire day in one mammoth 5 hour shoot – little and often and there is still plenty of time for having a ball 🙂

Go on, have a go, and let us know how you get on we would love to see your videos!

Main photo by Anna Jimenez Calaf

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